- Jankowski Michał

I’m a founder of SlowLean, author, developer, husband, minimalist and a father. is an approach for creating a business that aims to serve your life.  It is a set of rules and guidelines. 

As the name suggests, they are Slow – they intend to provide space for a quality life.

They are also Lean – they rely on the agile use of leverage and minimal action to get the best results. is also about projects. Projects that support Slow life – meaning quality and Lean – minimize the required effort and time to maintain this quality. Projects that I work on with people who share the same principles.

Finally, is a perspective on life. Building a business requires a shift in thinking, seeing shortcuts, and building models. 

It is inseparable from the rest of life, and it allows for getting high on the process. 

Slow Lean aims to tame this thinking to make it your servant and stay in touch with yourself.

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